Our legal couriers will pick up and deliver within 30 to 45 in minutes in Boston and Cambridge. In addition we offer extremely fast pick up throughout all points Massachusetts for immediate delivery to any address in New England.

Our trained legal couriers are very familiar with all United States District Courts in Boston, Worcester and Springfield. Collectively we make more than 50 legal filings per day at these courts. Whether a small package, legal file boxes or court exhibits, our fleet cars, vans and trucks will accommodate your time sensitive delivery needs.

If its research you require we can dedicate a specialized legal courier to any project ranging from copying files at a court house or any state or federal government office. Thereafter we will scan the documents and email or fax them to you.

For Health Care and Medical Related businesses our Med-Courier division can provide your company with time sensitive same day delivery of specimens which require temperature sensitive handling. We also offer same day trucking of high tech medical equipment. For more information contact us today.